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Russian Client Visit to Keluck tyre Office and Warehouse for Tire Business Negotiation
Russian Client Visit to Keluck tyre Office and Warehouse for Tire Business Negotiation
On November 6, 2023, we had the pleasure of hosting a visit from our esteemed Russian client who showed great interest in establishing a partnership for tire procurement. The focus of our discussion centered around the specifications of the 425/85R21 tires.
The day started with a productive meeting held at our office conference room. The Russian client expressed their intentions to procure a substantial quantity of tires, specifically emphasizing the need for the 425/85R21 size. We provided detailed information about the technical aspects, quality standards, and pricing of these tires. Our team of experts showcased various tire samples and shared relevant documentation, including certifications and test reports, to assure the client of our commitment to delivering top-notch products.
The meeting also allowed us to understand the specific requirements of the Russian market. We discussed factors like weather conditions, road surfaces, and vehicle types commonly found in Russia. This valuable insight enabled us to tailor our product offerings and make suitable recommendations that align with the client's preferences.
Following the fruitful discussion in the office, we took our Russian client on a comprehensive tour of our state-of-the-art warehouse. Our warehouse boasts a vast inventory of tires, including an extensive stock of 425/85R21 tires. The client had the opportunity to witness firsthand our strict adherence to quality control measures during the tire storage and handling process.
During the tour, we highlighted our rigorous inspection procedures, which ensure that all tires meet the highest industry standards. We emphasized our commitment to timely deliveries and efficient logistics management, assuring the client of our capability to meet their desired order quantities without compromising on quality.
Overall, the visit proved to be a resounding success. Our Russian client was impressed with our professionalism, product range, and commitment to excellence. The discussions and interactions throughout the day laid a solid foundation for a potential long-term partnership in the tire business. We look forward to further collaboration and the opportunity to serve the Russian market with our superior quality 425/85R21 tires
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